Is Vitiligo Killing or Just Skin Disorder Disease?

Vitiligo Pictures
A wide range of common peoples are confused with a question, is vitiligo killing? It is difficult task to provide an exact answer but mostly vitiligo is not killing disorder else in its last stage called skin cancer. Vitiligo skin disorder appears due to pigmentation disorder and leads our skin to have painless milky white patches or spots. In old words vitiligo / Vitligo was known as Leucoderma.  Classification of vitiligo is full of complexities and quite difficult to understand but in this article our concern is with danger of vitiligo instead of vitiligo classification. Generally, vitiligo is classified according to its stage and coverage of vitiligo spots.
Segmental vitiligo
When spots appear in segmental shapes and remain in segments, when patches start to spread rapidly then segmental vitiligo turn into Non segmental vitiligo, on this stage vitiligo is totally harmless disorder.
Non segmental vitiligo

In this stage of vitiligo patches appears in very symmetrical shape and gradually spread on several organs of body, nobody can predict how vitiligo will spread. In this stage patches are not life snatching and no other serious disorder is attached with vitiligo else ruining of charming personality.  Vitiligo treatment shall be started in its early stages to avoid other diseases and disorders affiliated with vitiligo.

Generalized vitiligo

In this stage vitiligo covers almost 50% to 60% of body and spread in non segmental shapes, on this stage number of other disorders comes with vitiligo, if your several organs are covered with vitiligo patches then you need vitiligo treatment immediately.

Univeralis vitiligo

On this stage of vitiligo white patches cover almost 80 to 90 percent of your body and treatments are useless on this stage, on this stage vitiligo turn into skin cancer, on this stage you can say vitiligo is killing. Then there are two more classes of vitiligo but they are not harmful.

Acral vitiligo

Spots skin color on tips of fingers and toes, anogenital area, and on face is referred as acral vitiligo.

Focal vitiligo

A few isolated white patches in various body areas are known as focal vitiligo. It is thought that focal vitiligo may be a pre-cursor of generalized vitiligo exact vitiligo cure is not yet available however numbers of treatments are available such as medical and surgical therapies, homeopathic treatment and herbal treatment. Further herbal treatment is divided into external therapies and internal control of pigmentation. Herbal treatment is widely appreciated around the globe.

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